Friday, May 03, 2013

Jane's Walk in 51 Division - May 4, 2013

Walkable neighbourhoods, urban literacy, cities planned for and by people.

Fantastic and free walking tours in 51 Division!!!
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All the World’s a Stage: A Close Up of Regent Park’s Arts & Cultural Scene

May 4, 11:00am
Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood has been undergoing a massive transformation and the Arts & Cultural Scene in the community is as vibrant as ever. Take a walk and explore! 

Unemployed organizing in East Downtown Toronto during the Great Depression

May 5, 2:00pm
During the Great Depression thousands of single unemployed men filled the city's relief shellters, many of which were located in East Downtown Toronto. Who were these men and what organizations did they belong too? 

"My Village" - Not Just Business As Usual At Church & Wellesley

May 4, 2:00pm
My Village is about the importance of local businesses, how they support each other as a community, and what it means to them to be part of "My Village". 

Coming out: The Gay Village Walk

May 4, 11:00am
The "coming out" story of Canada's biggest Gay Village! Advisory warning: not all of the stories told on this Walk will be of the PG variety. 

Coming out: A History of the Gay Village

May 5, 2:00pm
This walk is about the historical and cultural events that made the Gay Village the place that it is today. 

All That Glitters: Night Life In The Village!

May 4, 8:45pm
This walk will focus on the night life of The Gay Village with some the historical and cultural insights thrown in for good measure. 

Glenn Gould's Toronto

May 4, 11:00am
This walk will navigate the landmark places and institutions in the career of celebrated pianist Glenn Gould, examining their impact on his music, philosophy, and relationship with technology. 

This River I Step In Is Not The River I Stand In

May 4, 10:00am
Come explore the changing dynamics of the neighbourhoods of Riverside and Leslieville! This Jane's Walk will take us along Queen Street East over the Queen Street Bridge into the heart of Toronto's east side. We will explore how some of the areas and buildings have changed use over time, providing historical context of how the neighbourhood developed, its current state, and its future potential. 

The Early Bird Gets the Walk

May 4, 8:00am
While the sun is still climbing, join us on a dog-friendly stroll to check out the newest additions to Toronto's transforming waterfront including the Underpass Park, Sherborne Commons Park, and more! 

Revitalization or displacement? A critical look at the idea of mixed neighbourhoods.

May 4, 2:00pm
The walk will explore the effects of the Regent Park redevelopment project on homeless and low income people living East Downtown Toronto. We will look at the early history of the gentrification of the neighbourhood dating back to 1965, along witth the more recent redevlopment of Regent Park, and offer a critical look at the concept mixed neighbourhoods. Do revitalization projects like the Regent Park redevelopment contribute to a healthy neighbourhood or do they contribute to the further displacement of poor people in East Downtown Toronto? These are some of the questions that we will explore during the walk. 

Fish and Storms and Energy Fields

May 4, 12:00pm
An amble through the Portlands to Cherry Beach to recount the landscape and development history of Fisherman's Island and a sacred energy centre for the Ojibwe. 

Walk the Green Line

May 4, 11:30am
Walk the western half of the Green Line--a 5km hydro corridor through midtown Toronto--and imagine the electricity infrastructure as a continuous linear park. The walk ends with a community event and free BBQ: 

Underground Toronto

May 4, 12:00pm
Toronto has one of the most extensive underground walkway systems in the world. Roughly 30km of pathways connect over 50 buildings within the downtown core! Come explore how it all started and how to orient yourself in this maze. 

Summerhill Summerdale

May 4, 2:00pm
Discover a 1920s English Garden Suburb that still enables residents to bird-watch, visit the oldest continuously occupied house in Toronto, and explore the natural beauty of Toronto's ravine system! 

A Poor People's History of East Downtown Toronto

May 4, 10:00am
The House of Industry was Toronto's first "poor house," which dominated the lives of the poor people in East Downtown Toronto for over a century. This Jane's Walk will explore the history of the poor in this area, including the relationships between the poor and the wealthy, what happened to the slums of Cabbagetown, and more


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