Thursday, April 30, 2015

Inveiling of Neighbours, a photo portrait series

Hello Esplanadians!

The book launch of FORTY-ONE Neighbours was a huge success: 300 people attended the event at the St Lawrence Hall! People got very excited about the book: 150 copies were sold. If you don't have your copy yet, the good news is that it is available for sale both at the Berkeley Bistro (262 The Esplanade) and online HERE.

FORTY-ONE Neighbours is now becoming a source of inspiration for a mural project, a visual arts installation and a dance performance. We're looking for Esplanadians of all ages to participate in the creation of these artworks. Workshops start in May and June (varies by project) - grand opening is July 4th. If you're interested to take part in one of these projects, on your own or maybe with your family members, your friends or your neighbours, please contact us: No experience required.

Finally, it would be an honour if you could join us for the unveiling of Neighbours, a photo portrait series depicting the cultural diversity of families living on the same street in The Esplanade area. This exhibit exemplifies our geographic origins in light of our daily living. Neighbours is part of CONTACT Photography Festival. Photographer is Robert Young.
Unveiling: Sunday Mary 3rd, 11am, Hahn Place (The Esplanade & Berkeley St).

See you on Sunday - potluck lunch, bring some to share. :)

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