Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Hello from Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre!!!

Hello from Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre.
Below is a link to an amazing news write-up by the Law Foundation of Ontario, funders of the recent RPTV "Youth and the Law" project.

This article also links to the playlist of resources created, which includes a great panel discussion about the youth justice system with several reps, including 51D neighbourhood officer, Melissa Huntley (see video 6 of 8 on playlist).

An additional show is in process of being uploaded (I Need a Lawyer), and we will be sharing the resources on RPTV's cc-tv channel on Rogers within the new year. Other shows include discussions about youth rights, a mock case inspired by a trip to the tribunal office, copyright issues, and more.

This was an amazing pilot project connecting youth-engaged media broadcasting with public legal education. We thank you again for your support from the outset with the letter of support (thanks, Liz and Deb) and willingness to get involved, and we look forward to building on the work in the future with even more youth as well as our esteemed community partners.
Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the shows!


Kerry Ambrose
Partnership Development Coordinator
cc: Adonis Huggins, Executive Director

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