Friday, October 17, 2014

Urban Design Open Houses Information

In August, 2014, Council approved, for the purpose of public consultation, draft revisions to the Official Plan policies for Neighbourhoods, Apartment Neighbourhoods, and the Environment. Open Houses are being held across the City between November 18th and 27th to hear what Torontonians have to say about these changes. The dates and times of these Open Houses are found on one of the attached flyers. The draft policy changes may be viewed on the Toronto Official Plan Review website at

Council also approved draft policy directions for changes to the Urban Design policies of the Official Plan. A public forum on Urban Design is being held on November 3rd and Open Houses are taking place across the City between October 29th and November 6th. Details are found on the attached flyer.

Jeffrey Cantos MCIP RPP
Senior Planner, Strategic Initiatives, Policy and Analysis
Tel: 416-397-0244

Shawna Bowen
Planner, Urban Design
Tel: 416-338-5700

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