Monday, May 02, 2016

MPP Glen Murray: News From Queen's Park

News From Queen's Park 

Ontario Building More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 
The province of Ontario is investing $20 million into building a network of electric vehicle charging stations across the province in 2017. In order to address 'range anxiety', nearly 500 different units will be built at 250 locations around Ontario, including cities, workplaces, highways, condos, and public spaces. Building this network will allow drivers in electric vehicles more freedom, as well as allow for more electric vehicles to be on the roads in Ontario.

Ontario to Expand HPV Immunization Program to Boys 
Beginning in September 2016, the Ontario Government will begin to offer the HPV vaccine to both boys and girls in grade 7. During the transitional 2016-2017 school year, girls in grade 8 will also receive the vaccine to ensure that all young Ontarians are protected. Students that are unable to complete the vaccination program in grade 7 will be able to complete the program free of charge right up until the 12th grade. HPV is a common cancer causing virus found all over the world, so it is vitally important that young Ontarians become immune as soon as is recommended.

Ontario to Invest $1.5 Million in Grassroots Organization to Protect Great Lakes 
Ontario is helping restore and enhance the Great Lakes by providing 69 grassroots organizations, including non-profits, schools, and native focused organizations with up to $25,000 in funding for the various projects. These projects include planting trees, cleaning beaches and shorelines, creating rain gardens, restoring wetland habitat, and fighting invasive species.

The Great Lakes Basin is home to 99% of the population in Ontario, as well as the vast majority of its agricultural production and power production. Protecting this land is therefore a top priority and key to Ontario's future.

Ontario Expanding Free Dental Care for Low-Income Children and Youth
Under the new Healthy Smiles Ontario program, over 70,000 more children have become eligible for free dental care, to a total of 323,000 children receiving free dental work in Ontario. This new program also integrates six separate public dental organizations into one for a more streamlined and efficient approach, ensuring that young people get the care they need. Applications for this program can be found by clicking THIS link.  

Tooth decay is a preventable disease that exists in children from low-income areas in rates up to four times higher than in affluent areas. Poor oral health can also have adverse effects on many aspects of a child's life, including ability to concentrate in school, eat well, and even sleep at night.    
Community News  

TorGEN Launch in Distillery District 
MPP Glen Murray invites you to join us on Monday, May 2nd, for the launch of TorGEN. TorGEN is an exciting new project which focuses on both individual and community-wide reductions in carbon emissions for Toronto Centre. To celebrate the launch, a presentation will be held by MPP Glen Murray and our partners at Impact Infrastructure, Live Green Toronto, and Toronto Hydro, at 7PM, 39 Parliament St. on the 11th floor Amenity Room. 
For more information, be sure to click HERE.

Edible Allen Gardens Project 
MPP Glen Murray's office is seeking volunteers to help in a new initiative under the TorGEN project. TorGEN will be taking part in Edible Allan Gardens, a community initiative by Building Roots and community partners, creating a space to grow fruits and vegetables in Allan Gardens this summer. TorGEN will have its own planting container and we are looking for volunteers to help us plant and take care of our garden throughout the summer. Volunteers will be able to attend free workshops and events to learn more about growing healthy food right here in our community! For more information on this project, click HERE
If you're interested in joining us grow healthy, local food this summer please contact our office!
Tel: 416 972 7683

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