Friday, December 18, 2015

MPP Glen Murray E-Newsletter

Announcing the MPP Glen Murray Moss Park Free Public Skate
Beginning on January 13th, The MPP Glen Murray Free Public Skate will begin another year of providing fun and physical activity to children and adults in Toronto Centre. Every Wednesday from 4PM-5PM in Moss Park Arena, skates, helmets, and ice time will be provided to whoever wants to use them. Be sure to show up right at four to make the most of the ice time and celebrate winter by enjoying a free skate! 

Also, due to the popularity of this event in the past, some of our skates are starting to suffer from some wear and tear! If anyone knows of any individual or organization that will be willing to donate some gently used kids or adults skates, give our office a call at 416-972-7683, or shoot us an email at   

News From Queens Park 

New Global Climate Change Agreement
MPP Glen Murray has recently attended the successful COP21 climate change conference in Paris. MPP Murray represented Toronto Centre and Ontario at many events, including delivering a keynote address at the One Million Climate Jobs Forum, and attending a sub national leaders' Session with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to secure official recognition for key regional initiatives.

The leaders at the conference set a strong goal of limiting climate change to an average global rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius, which will require communities all across Canada to come together and do their part, so Canada can do its part on the world stage.

PRESTO System Being Introduced on TTC Streetcars 
By the end of December, all legacy and new streetcars in the TTC fleet will be PRESTRO enabled, a new payment service that allows you to pay for boarding via card. By the end of 2016, the PRESTO fare card will be available in all TTC buses, streetcars and subway stations.

The availability and implementation of the PRESTO system should make getting around the city via public transportation a faster and more appealing process.

Building an Electric Vehicle Charging Network in Ontario 
The province of Ontario has announced its intention to launch a 20 million dollar grant program, where it will work closely with the public and privates sectors to build Ontario into a world leader in electric vehicles.The grants will encourage the building of a network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles across Ontario, encouraging efficient, economical, and environmentally safe methods of travel in the province. 

The full program details for this initiative will be available later in the month.

How You Can Help With The Refugee Crises in Syria 
The government of Ontario has released a new website aimed at those who want to help with the Syrian refugee crises in what ever way they can. The website contains information on how/where to volunteer, donate, sponsor, or even use your professional skills to help with the incoming refugees.

Up to 10,000 new Ontarians will be arriving within the next few months, so it is imperative that Ontarians are able to help in an effective and organized way. Click HERE to find out what you can do to help!

Community News
Regent Park Employment Services Relocating 
Regent Park Employment Services is moving from its current location at 530 Dundas Street East to the new regent Park Community Centre at 402 Shuter street when it opens up in January. Regent Park Employment services will also be partnering with Dixon Hall Neighborhood services which will be joining Regent Park Employment Services in the move! The new centre will be home to a gym, teaching kitchen, climbing wall, roof top garden and much more. 
This new centre will provide coordinated and integrated employment services utilizing the tools of both Dixon Employment Services as well Regent Park employment Services. 

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