Thursday, May 21, 2015

You're Invited to the 2015 Spring for Peace Gala May 28!

Peacebuilders International was established over a decade ago in Toronto, Canada with the objective of improving the lives of youth and their communities by using restorative dialogues to manage conflict and create positive change in society. Peacebuilders aims to provide youth in conflict with a fair process and appropriate access to justice, empowering them to overcome personal challenges, make better choices decisions and realize their full potential.

Peacebuilders’ programs not only help keep youth in school and out of the criminal justice system, but also help foster resilient young leaders who see the value in contributing back to their communities. Peacebuilders Founder & Executive Director, Eva Marszewski, says “Peacebuilders’ philosophy is built on the belief that every individual deserves respect and has the capacity to contribute positively to society. Moreover, by helping children and youth learn how to speak with respect, make group decisions, and develop action plans in teams, Peacebuilders is not only contributing to making our streets safer, but also creating social capital as an investment for a sustainable and peaceful future.”

Peacebuilders’ programs have led to the very first restorative justice clinic in the city of Toronto, at the Youth Court at 311 Jarvis Street, as well as partnerships with schools, jails and other community organizations.

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