Friday, May 15, 2015

Toronto Police Service launches year-long body-worn camera pilot project

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 9:04 AM
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On Friday, May 15, 2015, the Toronto Police Service launched its body-worn camera pilot project. The year-long project will see 100 officers, from four different areas of the Service, test three different pieces of body-worn camera equipment.

The body-worn cameras will be activated every time an officer responds to a call for service or is investigating an individual during the course of their duties. Officers are expected to notify the public of the body-worn camera as soon as reasonably possible and officers have been trained on issues of privacy and human rights.

Specific questions on the use of body-worn cameras can be found by visiting our website or by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Service has partnered with the Information & Privacy Commissioner, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Toronto Police Association to develop a procedure that addresses issues of privacy, retention, and disclosure.

The officers involved, from the TAVIS Rapid Response Team, Traffic Services Motor Squad, 55 Division and 43 Division, were part of a training program to comprehensively incorporate the body-worn cameras into their day-to-day responsibilities. To learn more about this training program, please click here.

The Service also issued 20,000 community surveys and will do so again at the end of the pilot. The survey can be completed by anyone by clicking here.

These surveys, along with input from the officers involved, will be analyzed by the Working Group and recommendations on the future of body-worn cameras will be made to the Chief of Police.

Anyone with questions or comments about the Body Worn Pilot Project can submit them to or by joining the conversation at #TOCopCams on Twitter.

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Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications, for Staff Superintendent Tom Russell

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