Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter driving tips, Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) information and reporting criteria

Winter driving tips, Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) information and reporting criteria

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 4:59 AM
Traffic Services:  416-808-1900

Traffic safety continues to be a priority for the Toronto Police Service. The Toronto area is expected to see a significant accumulation of snow this evening, through tomorrow morning.

The Toronto Police Service would like to remind all drivers to drive according to conditions, and reduce speeds when on elevated portions of the roadway such as bridges, overpasses or expressways.

The need to be aware and alert at all times on any road, even in the most routine circumstances, is a key component to moving through traffic safely.

The Toronto Police Service would also like to remind the public of how, where, and when a collision must be reported in the Toronto. 

A Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) is a facility created to help motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians report motor vehicle collisions in which they have been involved. 

The Ministry of Transportation defines a collision as contact resulting from the motion of a motor vehicle or street car or its load that produces property damage, injury, or death.

Collisions which police will attend:

• The collision involves a fatality 
• A personal injury collision where a person is taken to hospital directly from the scene of the collision in an ambulance 
• Any criminal activity involved in a collision (e.g., impaired driving, stolen vehicle, assault) 
• Collisions involving a person who is uninsured or is a suspended driver (simply not having an insurance card does not necessarily mean the vehicle is not insured. These collisions can be referred to the CRC) 
• Any collision involving a pedestrian, cyclist or person on a wheeled device which is reported immediately and at the scene of the collision 
• Any collision involving damage to highway or public property 
• Service vehicle involved collisions 
• Collisions that are reported and/or have occurred between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., where any vehicle is not driveable 
• Collisions involving transportation of hazardous goods where the hazardous goods have been compromised

If the collision you are involved in does not meet the above criteria, but does meet the minimum requirements set out by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act to report the collision to police, you must report your collision at a CRC. 

What are Collision Reporting Centres?

A Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) is a facility created to help motorists, cyclists and pedestrians report motor vehicle involved collisions. There are two Toronto Centres to serve you:

North Collision Reporting Centre: 113 Toryork Drive
Open seven days a week, all year, 6 a.m. to midnight

East Collision Reporting Centre: 39 Howden Road
Open seven days a week, all year, 6 a.m. to midnight

What is the law on reporting a collision under the Highway Traffic Act?

The Highway Traffic Act requires that all collision where persons suffer any level of injury, or damage valued at more than $2000 (combined) to vehicles or property, or damage to any highway property be reported to police forthwith.

Can I report a collision without bringing in my vehicle?

A report will not be taken at the CRC if the involved vehicle and driver are not present. Without exception, towed vehicles must go directly to a CRC before repairs are started.

Additionally, any person who attends a CRC must ensure that they have the other involved driver(s) information. This is necessary to complete the collision report.

Do I have to exchange information when involved in a collision?

Under the Highway Traffic Act, any person involved in a collision must provide their personal identification (driver's licence), vehicle, and insurance information to the other person(s) involved in the collision. You must also have the location of the collision available to report the collision

Do police have to attend the scene of the collision to take the report?

Police will not attend the scene of minor collisions which do not meet the criteria as noted above. Involved parties will be directed to attend a CRC where appropriate. The collision report will be taken at the CRC.

For further information on how to report a collision, call 416-808-2222, then press 2.

For more news, visit TPSnews.ca.

Constable Caroline de Kloet, Corporate Communications, for Constable Clint Stibbe, Traffic Services

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