Monday, April 24, 2017

Pedestrian and driver-safety tips in school zones

Pedestrian and driver-safety tips in school zones

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 10:44 AM
Traffic Services:  416-808-1900

The Toronto Police Service would like to remind drivers about the safe operation of vehicles in and around school zones.

Improving road safety and traffic flow for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is one of our goals in support of the Service priority and commitment to safe communities and neighbourhoods. 

The need to be aware and alert at all times on any road, and even in the most routine
circumstances, is a key component to moving through traffic safely. This applies to
pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, and transit-users alike. 

We ask those who drive to take extra care on the roads and in parking lots, especially in areas where children and seniors might be present.

Pedestrians/Transit-Users Tips

Parents and caregivers can help reinforce some of these pedestrian-safety messages to children, as well as some of our more vulnerable seniors and transit-users.

- Stop, look, listen and think before entering the roadway
- Utilize crossings at controlled areas, intersections and crosswalks
- Make eye contact with drivers and other road-users
- Wear reflective or bright clothing whenever possible
- Never run onto the roadway
- Do not attempt to cross the road mid-block from between vehicles
- Obey crossing signals and signs
- If present, utilize the school crossing guard, where applicable, to assist you in crossing the road

Driver-Safety Tips 

A driver who is aware and alert can avoid potential hazards and other distractions.

General Driving Tips:

- Scan to identify pedestrians and cyclists entering the road from curbs and driveways or when approaching intersections
- Scan to identify pedestrians attempting to cross the road between vehicles, look for the movement of a pedestrians' feet below the bumper of vehicles 
- Be prepared for the unexpected, avoid using distracting devices
- Leave at least 2-3 seconds following distance between you and vehicles ahead
- In fog, rain, snow or darkness, use your full headlighting system. Remember, when conditions require you to use your windshield wipers, you should turn on your headlights as well
- Use rear-view and outside mirrors often and frequently check your speed

Parking tips for drivers in or near school zones

- Parking vehicles in no-stopping, no-standing or no-parking areas puts children at risk and causes unnecessary traffic congestion
- Use designated drop-off and pick-up areas where available
- For local residents near schools, try walking your child to school. This helps to reduce the congestion of vehicles around the schools and adjoining streets. This helps to reduce the danger to children in or near school zones

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