How To Report A Crime

Thank you Downtown Yonge BIA for creating this pictograph to help everyone determine who to call:


Always Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.  A 911 emergency is when someone needs help right away because of an injury or an immediate danger. For example, call 911 if:
  ♦ there is a fire
  ♦ someone has passed out
  ♦ someone suddenly seems very sick and is having a hard time speaking or breathing or turns blue
  ♦ someone is choking
  ♦ you see a crime happening, like a break-in
  ♦ you are in or see a serious car accident
  ♦ a crime is being committed


51 Division General Line: 416-808-5100
Non-Emergency Line 1:    416-808-2222
Non-Emergency Line 2:    416-808-5119

Examples of when to use the non-emergency lines and you requires IMMEDIATE police attendance or a lengthy on-scene investigation:
  ♦ someone is trespassing on your property
  ♦ you want to report parking violations
  ♦ you want to report noise disturbances
  ♦ Is related to Domestic Violence;
  ♦ Involves an Emotionally Disturbed Person;
  ♦ Involves the reporting of Theft of E-Bike;
  ♦ Is motivated by hate bias;

Citizen Online Report Entry (CORE) For Non-Emergencies
The Citizen Online Report Entry (CORE) system allows you to provide NON-EMERGENCY information to the Toronto Police Service immediately, without having to wait for a police officer to respond to your incident.

CORE reports can be submitted by you or someone who is authorized to submit it on your behalf.
If the incident involves a business, then the report must be filed by the business owner or an authorized representative.

Available reports available through CORE ( include:
  ♦ Damage to property UNDER $5000
  ♦ Damage to vehicle UNDER $5000
  ♦ Theft from vehicle UNDER $5000
  ♦ Fraud UNDER $5000
  ♦ Theft UNDER $5000
  ♦ Driving Complaint
  ♦ Local Neighbourhood Traffic Issue or Concern
  ♦ Graffiti
  ♦ Immediate parking complaint
  ♦ Supplemental report
  ♦ Theft of Gas (from a gas station)
  ♦ Vulnerable persons registry

The Toronto Police Service DOES NOT accept reports for incidents that occurred outside the City of Toronto.

Reporting An Issue in Writing:

If problems are persistent it is recommended you either:

A.  Fill in an ONLINE Community Complaint report at


B.  Download and print out a Community Policing Complaint Form.  The Community Policing Complaint Form is an effective tool to inform the police, help identify/solve community problems and concerns while allowing you to track updates on the issues while maintaining confidentiality.  All information is reviewed by the Toronto Police 51 Division Community Response Unit.

    Submit the Community Policing Complaint Form using one of the following three ways:

    1. Mail or hand deliver the filled form to:
         Toronto Police Service
         51 Division Community Response Unit
         51 Parliament Street
         Toronto, ON M5A 2Y5
    2. Scan and email the completed form to:
    3. Fax the filled form to the attention of Staff Sergeant Todd Gowan at 416-808-5102

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