51D Contacts & Forms

51 Parliament St., Toronto, ON, M5A 2Y5
General Line: 416-808-5100
Non-Emergency Line: 416-808-2222
NEW Non-Emergency Line:  416-808-5119
Fax: 416-808-5102 
51 Division is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Community Police Liaison Committee:

Unit Commander: 
Superintendent Peter Moreira
(416) 808-5114

2nd in Charge: 
Inspector Susan Gomes
(416) 808-5113

Community Response Unit Manager:
Staff Sergeant Todd Gowan
(416) 808-5152

Community Relations Officer
& Crossing Guard Coordinator:
Constable Peter Cullingford
(416) 808-5125

Crime Prevention Officer:
Constable Peter Cullingford
(416) 808-5125
Community Response Unit:
Minor Issues, Voice Mailbox
(416) 808-5119
Monthly Child Seat Safety Clinic:
51 Division is 
no longer offering this service
School Relations Officer:
Constable Peter Cullingford
(416) 808-5125
Urban Organized Crime Squad:
Confidential and Anonymous
(416) 343-GUNS (4867) 

Division Boundaries:
North - Bloor Street (Prince Edward Viaduct)
South - Toronto shoreline
East - Don River
West - Yonge Street

Primary Report Intake,

Management and Entry Unit (PRIME)

Citizen Online Report Entry (CORE)

The Citizen Online Report Entry (CORE) system allows you to provide NON-EMERGENCY information to the Toronto Police Service immediately, without having to wait for a police officer to respond to your incident.
CORE reports can be submitted by you or someone who is authorized to submit it on your behalf.
If the incident involves a business, then the report must be filed by the business owner or an authorized representative.
The Toronto Police Service DOES NOT accept reports for incidents that occurred outside the City of Toronto.

Coming to 51 Division:

By Car: 

Limited parking available in civilian parking lot off of Parliament Street.

By Subway: 
Exit at the King subway stop. Go to street level and take the King Streetcar eastbound. Exit at Parliament Street stop and walk 1 block south.

The Division is located on the north/east corner of 
Parliament Street and Front Street.

Traffic complaint forms are also available online at http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/core/

51 Division Community Policing Complaint Form

Download the form below or file your commnity complaint online here:  https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/community-complaints/

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Toronto Police Service Telephone Directory

     Emergency Service9-1-1
     Mailing Address40 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2J3
     Non-emergency number416-808-2222

      Access and Privacy Section
          Access and Privacy Section Co-Ordinator416-808-7848
          Access and Privacy Section Main416-808-7850

          Deputy Chief Exec. Assistant416-808-8025

      Amateur Athletic Association
          Main Number416-502-8711

      Auxiliary Police Liaison
          Main Number416-808-7711

      Bail and Parole
          See:Area Courts
          Main Number416-808-5700

          See:Traffic Services
          Main Number416-808-1900

          Main Number416-808-8800

           Alarms Section
               Alarms Coordinator416 808-8852
               Main Number416 808-8860

           Training Section
               Training Coordinator416-808-8854

      Corporate Command website
          Deputy Chief Exec. Assistant416-808-8013

          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7100
          Media Relations Officers416-808-7090
          Media Specialist416-808-7100

      Corporate Planning
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7770

      Corporate Services website
          Main Number416-808-7724

           Museum website
               Gift Shop416-808-7024
               Main Number416-808-7020

      Court Services
          2265 Keele St.416-808-3458
          311 Jarvis St.416-808-5680
          47 Sheppard Ave E.416-808-3428
          DNA Co-ordinator for Court Ordered DNA416-808-0233 | FAX:416-808-1841
          Main Number416-808-8370
          Staff Inspector416-808-7704

           Area Courts
               Main Number416-808-5700

                1000 Finch Ave W. (Toronto North)
                    Main Number416-808-3440

                1530 Markham Rd. (POA)
                    Main Number416-338-7230

                1911 Eglinton Ave E. (Metro East)
                    Main Number416-808-4700

                2201 Finch Ave. W. (Toronto West)
                    Main Number416-808-2700

                47 Sheppard Ave. E. (Family & Youth Court)
                    Main Number416-808-3433

           Central Courts

                130 Queen St. W. Osgood Hall (Appeals)
                    Main Number416-327-5020

                361 University Ave (General Division)
                    Main Number416-808-5650

                393 University Ave. (Family & Civil)
                    Main Number416-327-5440

                444 Yonge St. (College Park)
                    Main Number416-808-5630

               311 Jarvis (Family & Youth Court)
                         Main Number416-808-5680

                60 Queen St West (Old City Hall)
                    Front Desk416-808-5689
                    Main Number416-808-5600

           Coroner's Court
               15 Grosvenor St.416-314-4000

           District Courts
               393 University Ave.416-327-5503

           Document Services (Formerly Summons Bureau)
               Main Number416-808-7200

           Small Claims Courts
               List of small claims courts in TorontoClick here

      Crime Stoppers website
          Main Number416-808-7260
          Toll Free Number1-800-222-8477

      Criminal Reference Background Checks
          Records Release416-808-8240

      Detective Services
          Main Numbers416-808-3500

      Detective Support
          Main Number416-808-8033

          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7244

          Deputy Chief Exec. Assistant416-808-8011

          Admin Co-ordinator416-808-0187
          Main Number416-808-0100
          Unit Commander416-808-0112
          Unit Commander Assistant416-808-0185
          Unit Complaints416-808-0101

           Aboriginal Peacekeeping Unit
               Main Number416-808-7046

           Adult & Youth Corps Volunteer Program
               Main Number416-808-0114

           Auxiliary Police Program
               Main Number416-808-0127

           Community Police Liaison Committees
               Main Number416-808-0114

           Crime Prevention
               Main Number416-808-0135

           Domestic Violence
               Main Number416-808-0104

           Elder/Child Abuse
               Main Number416-808-0130

           Mental Health
               Main Number416-808-0132

           Neighbourhood Resource Support
               Main Number416-808-0106

               Main Number416-808-0122

           TAVIS website
               Main Number416-808-0140
Sgt Michael Ferry #2943
Sgt Mark Hayward #1033
Sgt Kane Worth #88957
Sgt John Kmieciak #4547
Sgt Andrew Ecklund #5343
Sgt Kenny Lee #5117
Sgt Doug Rose #3478
Sgt Mike Quinn #5169

           Threat Assessment
               Main Number416-808-0121

           Victim Liaison Officer
               Main Number416-808-0129

           Youth Response Support
               Main Number416-808-0120

      Dog Services website
          See:Mounted and Police Dog Services
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-1750

      Drug Squad website
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-6100

      Duty Desk
          Main Number416-808-7000
          Duty Inspector416-808-7000
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail

      Emergency Management
          See:Public Safety and Emergency Management Unit
          Main Number416-808-4900

          Address300 Lesmill Road
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-3800
          Staff Inspector416-808-3800

      Employment website
         Human Resources
          E-Mail For Civilian Inquiriessend e-mail to E-Mail For Civilian Inquiries Send an e-mail
          E-Mail For Police Constable Inquiriessend e-mail to E-Mail For Police Constable Inquiries Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7150

          Main Number416-808-6870
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail

      Fraud and Forgery website
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7300
          Staff Inspector416-808-7300

      Hold Up Squad website
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7350
          Staff Inspector416-808-7350

      Homicide website
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7400
          Staff Inspector416-808-7400

      Human Resources website
          Main Number416-808-7870

           Employment Office
               Job Information Hot Line416-808-7134
               Main Number416-808-7150
               Staff Inspector416-808-7150

           Medical Advisory Services
               Main Number416-808-7171
               Medical Consultant416-808-7179

           Occupational Health Services
               Main Number416-808-7171

           Workers Compensation Services

          Main Number416-808-7600
          Radio & Electronics416-808-6900

          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Man Number416-808-2510

      Intelligence Division
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-3500
          Staff Inspector416-808-3500

      Internal Affairs

      Marine Unit website
          Address259 Queen's Quay West
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-5800
          Staff Inspector416-808-5800

      Media Relations
          See:Corporate Communications
          Main Number416-808-7100

          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail

           Mounted Services
               Staff Inspector416-808-1700
               Sunnybrook Stable (Administration)416-808-1700

           Police Dog Services
               Address44 Beechwood Drive
               E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
               Main Number416-808-1750

      Museum website
          See:Corporate Communications
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7020

      Office of the Chief
          Main Number416-808-8000

      Organized Crime Enforcement
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-2500

      Parking Enforcement Unit

           Contract Services (MLE Program)
               Main Number416-808-6604

           Headquarters Functions
               Main Number416-808-6600

           Parking Enforcement East
               Address1500 Don Mills Road, 6th Floor
               Main Number416-808-6600

           Parking Enforcement West
               Address970 Lawrence Ave. W.
               Main Number416-808-1600

          Main Number416-491-4301

          Board Administrator416-808-8094
          Chair's Secretary416-808-8083
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Executive Director416-808-8081
          Policy & Communications Senior Advisor416-808-8090

      Police Stations

           Area Field website
               Address40 College Street
               Staff Superintendent416-808-7737

                22 Division website
                    Address3699 Bloor Street West
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-2225
                    Community Response416-808-2219
                    Community Services416-808-2208
                    Detective Office416-808-2204
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-2200
                    Planning Office416-808-2273
                    Staff Sergeant416-808-2201
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-2224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-2205

                    Address799 Islington Avenue
located inside the TPS Property Bureau
                    Alternate Response416-808-2100
                    Front Desk416-808-2100

                23 Division website
                    Address5230 Finch Ave. West
                    Alternate Response416-808-2325
                    Community Relations416-808-2381
                    Community Response Team416-808-2319
                    D/Sgt. Plainclothes/Drugs416-808-2361
                    Detective Office416-808-2304
                    Detective Office416-808-2304
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-2316
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-2307
                    Front Desk416-808-2300
                    Staff Inspector416-808-2311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-2324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-2305

                31 Division website
                    Address40 Norfinch Drive
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3125
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3125
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-3119
                    Community Services416-808-3108
                    Detective Office416-808-3104
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-3107
                    Front Desk416-808-3100
                    Neighborhood Crime Unit416-808-3106
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-3124
                    Youth Bureau416-808-3105

                32 Division website
                    Address30 Ellerslie Ave
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3230
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-3219
                    Community Foot Patrol S/Sergeant416-808-3232
                    Community Services/Crime Prevention416-808-3208
                    Detective Office416-808-3204
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-3216
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-3207
                    Front Desk416-808-3200
                    Major Crime416-808-3206
                    Street Crime416-808-3004
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-3224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-3205

                33 Division website
                    Address50 Upjohn Road
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3328
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-3392
                    Detective Office416-808-3304
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-3316
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Unit416-808-3307
                    Front Office416-808-3300
                    Major Crime416-808-3306
                    Staff Inspector416-808-3311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-3324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-3305

                41 Division website
                    Address2222 Eglinton Avenue East
                    Community Response Unit416-808-4004
                    Community Services416-808-4108
                    Detective Office416-808-4104
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-4100
                    Major Crime Unit416-808-4106
                    Street Crime416-808-4005
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-4124
                    Youth Bureau416-808-4105

                42 Division website
                    Address242 Milner Avenue
                    Detective Office416-808-4204
                    Divisional Analyst416-808-4203
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-4200
                    Major Crime Unit416-808-4206
                    Special Task Force416-808-4260
                    Youth Bureau416-808-4205

                43 Division
                    Address4331 Lawrence Avenue East
                    Crime Prevention416-808-4339
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-4300

           Central Field website
               Address40 College Street
               Staff Superintendent416-808-7741

                11 Division website
                    Address2054 Davenport Road
                    Alternate Response416-808-1125
                    Area Foot Patrol416-808-1119
                    Community Relations416-808-1134
                    Crime Prevention416-808-1108
                    Detective Office416-808-1104
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-1141
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-1107
                    Front Desk416-808-1100
                    Staff Inspector416-808-1111
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1124
                    Warrant Office416-808-1104
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1105

                12 Division website
                    Address200 Trethewey Drive
                    Area Foot Patrol416-808-1235
                    Community Services416-808-1208
                    Crime Prevention416-808-1264
                    Detective Office416-808-1204
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-1241
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-1200
                    Staff Inspector416-808-1211
                    Street Crime416-808-1037
                    Street Crime Detective416-808-1035
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1205

                13 Division website
                    Address1435 Eglinton Avenue West
                    Community Services416-808-1308
                    Detective Office416-808-1304
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-1300
                    Major Crime416-808-1306
                    Staff Inspector416-808-1311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1305

                14 Division website
                    Address150 Harrison Street
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-1425
                    Community Relations416-808-1508
                    Crime Prevention416-808-1529
                    Detective Office416-808-1404
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-1448
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-1456
                    Front Desk416-808-1400
                    Major Crime Unit416-808-1463
                    Special Task Force416-808-1452
                    Staff Sergeant416-808-1401
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1424
                    Warrant Office416-808-1407
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1405

                     Parkdale Community-Policing Centre
                         Address1303 Queen Street W.
                         Main Number416-808-1410

                         Community Service416-808-1508
                         Crime Prevention416-808-1529
                         LocationExhibition Place
                         Main Number416-808-1500
                         Special Events416-808-1510
                         Staff Sergeant416-808-1501

                51 Division website
                    Address51 Parliament Street
                    Alternate Response416-808-5125
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5119
                    Community Service416-808-5108
                    Detective Office416-808-5140
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5116
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5100
                    Plainclothes/Major Crime416-808-5106
                    Staff Inspector416-808-5111
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5124
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5105

                52 Division website
                    Address255 Dundas Street West
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-5226
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5219
                    Community Services416-808-5208
                    Detective Office416-808-5204
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5216
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5200
                    Island Station416-808-5850
                    Major Crime416-808-5239
                    Plain clothes416-808-5206
                    Special Task Force416-808-5229
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5205

                53 Division website
                    Address75 Eglinton Avenue West
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5319
                    Community Services416-808-5308
                    Detective Office416-808-5304
                    Detective Office416-808-5304
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5316
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5300
                    Staff Inspector416-808-5311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5305

                54 Division website
                    Address41 Cranfield Road
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-5428
                    Community Response Unit416-808-5419
                    Community Services416-808-5408
                    Detective Office416-808-5404
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5416
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5400
                    Major Crime Unit416-808-5406
                    Staff Inspector416-808-5411
                    Street Crime416-808-5040
                    Street Crime Fax416-808-5052
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5424
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5405

                55 Division website
                    Address101 Coxwell Avenue
                    Alternate Response416-808-5525
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5533
                    Community Services416-808-5508
                    Crime Prevention416-808-5570
                    Detective Office416-808-5504
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5541
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5500
                    Major Crime416-808-5506
                    S/Sgt. (Uniform)416-808-5501
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5524
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5505

          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7740

          Address4610 Finch Avenue East
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-4900
          Unit Commander416-808-4900

           Critical Infrastructure

           Crowd Management
               Staff Sergeant416-808-4910
               Training Sergeant416-808-4908

           Emergency Management
               Senior Planner416-808-4946
               Training Sergeant416-808-4949

           Industrial Liaison

      Reporting Centre website

          Main Number416-808-5700

          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7474
          Staff Inspector416-808-7474

          Address75 Eglinton Ave. West, 3rd Floor
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Film Liaison Officer416-808-5082
          Main Number416-808-5049
          Staff Sergeant416-808-5021

          Deputy Chief Exec. Assistant416-808-8051

          Address70 Birmingham St.
          Main Number416-808-4800

      Traffic Services website
          Address9 Hanna Ave.
          Breath Co-Ordinator416-808-1971
          Detective Sergeant416-808-1930
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Fax (Front Desk)416-808-1902
          Main Number416-808-1900
          Paid Duty416-808-1929
          Planning Sergeant416-808-1954
          Radar Co-Ordinator416-808-1996
          Traffic Enforcement Main Number416-808-1964

           Collision Reporting Centres website

                East Collision Reporting Centre
                    Address39 Howden Road, Scarborough
                    Main Number416-808-4960

                North Collision Reporting Centre
                    Address113 Toryork Drive, North York
                    Main Number416-808-3960

      Victim Services website
          Main Number416-808-7066

      Video Services website
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-4336

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